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Geo-Energie is regularly solicited by owners, contractors and professionals to intervene in technical-legal expertise. Our experts will advise you and support you throughout your process, whatever the nature of your needs.


Geo-Energie's experience in technical-legal expertise includes many professional mandates with reference to problems of:

  • Malfunctions or deficient designs

  • Efficiency performance of electromechanical systems - HVAC

  • Responsibility of various stakeholders & professionals in project design and implementation

  • Claims

  • Counter-expertise after disasters

  • Applied expertise in:

    • Premature wear

    • Noise - Vibration

    • Corrosion

    • Energy consumption

    • Hydronic network contamination

    • Geothermal

    • Ventilation - Plumbing - Cooling - Heating - Electrical Distribution - Controls - Control of odors and contaminants


The preparation of a technical-legal expertise requires knowledge of the various building codes or rules of the art governing the construction as well as a high level of expertise in engineering.

Our expert services are appreciated for our deep understanding of these types of cases, our objective rigor, the clarity of the opinions formulated and our ability to offer a diligent and effective representation, without regard to the party involved.


Our experts are available to offer you technical assistance in your approach, by performing the following actions:

  • Studies, research and surveys on the site

  • Laboratory analysis

  • Issuance of notices and reports

  • Preparation of counter-expertise

  • Expert witness

  • Photographs, camera inspection

  • Study of contracts and review of construction costs

  • References to current or historical codes and standards, as well as other documents related to the rules of the art

  • Use our contact network to get very specific opinions on particular topics


In the event of a claim, we offer you a complete inspection service. We examine the equipment and installations, the plans and design details and the previous analysis reports. Where appropriate, we carry out measurements and data analysis.


Geo-Energie treats each of its expertise cases in a neutral and impartial manner, ensuring that we present our reports and conclusions objectively and in a manner that is accessible to the reader. That's why our experts treat each expertise with the utmost care.


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